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  1. man, I don't know if it's my connection or what, but the editing on these lists is crazy, Thanks for the great recommendations

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    I’ve always loved Lord of Illusions. It’s so twisted and even though the CGI is very dated it still holds up with your practical

  3. the Dead Zone is Amazing!!! haven't seen that in years, nice to see it here. Monster Squad is a Perfect Halloween Movie! I have 0 patience for "Stupid" Movies like Zombie Strippers.

  4. I remember Phantasm when it first came out. Blew me away. The Dead Zone book has a much higher body count. Movie is a winner as well. Young Frankenstein is always fun for repeat viewing. Thank you for the video.

  5. Really appreciate you adding the “family Horror” double feature. As someone with kids getting into horror, Monster Squad seems like a perfect family night movie. Never seen it and excited!

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