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  1. If anyone wants to double-check, I couldn't find a Pewdiepie comment through Holodex's verified message records on her speedrun video. I could have missed something about this though so I would appreciate confirmation.

  2. Generic Weeb on

    When he said "I haven't kept up with any of that at all" it could've meant that he's just a casual viewer. Because that response implied he at least knows something.

  3. MAN-CAT once did an experiment showing how easy it was to impersonate people online. it was a pretty funny trick.

  4. Inside Felix's mind: oh wow she's such a professional, i can actually comment and enjoy the stream like a normal person for a change and she doesn't treat me any different just cuz of who I am

    Gura: is it? nah~โ€ฆ let's keep playing like nothing happen :3

  5. man with a username on

    I always assumed big channels had multiple accounts to retain anonymity but I've seen so many I watch post comments with their content channels.

  6. So people who are verified youtubers can't comment anymore? Jeez how low have we fallenโ€ฆ to think like this. LUL

  7. YouTube recommendation sucks now, theses cringe are showing up more often now and I'm tired of pressing do don't recommend channel or not interested.

  8. BlackPistolYT on

    Unless she checked the channel out on stream while she speed ran Minecraft and see if that PewDiePie is real or not, there's no point of saying all of this.

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